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Posted on 06/01/2013
Hi Keith, On 5/11 we bought a KISS Urn at the Indy Expo with the intentions of adding it to the Kollection (we also own the Kasket). Our good friend Tony Wages died on 5/19 from cancer. No one had any idea he would go so quickly, he had been diagnosed only a few weeks prior. Before our last visit with him, while out to dinner, the wife (Robin) and I had the same thought at the same time! We said it almost verbatim and in unison. If Tony's wife, Joy, would agree, he could have the urn as his final resting place. She agreed immediately and was very happy to have it. Tony was not a real "fan" of any one type of music or band but of course knew very well who KISS was and anyone close to me has seen what KISS means to me. I'm sure he is laughing and shaking his head! On 5/24 many friends and family members celebrated the life of Tony and he was there, on the table, in his KISS Urn. R.I.P my friend!
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