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Meet & Greet unplugged Stockholm :)

Posted on 06/11/2013
Hey Saw Kiss live for the sixth and seventh time live in Stockholm and Stavanger (or should I say, sixth, seventh and eighth time since there was unplugged too). Met KISS and they were great and I had the time of my life :) The pic with them in full make-up and costume right before the Stockholm show was priceless... And I even med Nick Simmons in Stavanger and got a pic! :) He was a perfect gentleman and I made sure not to bother him mor than a few words and asking politely for a pic. He was there as a private person, true son a of a rock god. What a week the first week in june was! Will never forget. Cheered me up bigtime and I knew it would. I lost my mother in march, so treating myself with a double dose of Kiss was just what the doctor ordered! :-D Thank you KISS, fan for life, Bjørn :)
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