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Met Nick Simmons and KISS in just one week! :)

Posted on 06/11/2013
Hello! I went to the tour opening in Stockholm and had the time of my life! I went to the Meet & Greet and had so much seeing Kiss play live without make-up for the very first time, and unplugged! :) The pic with them half an hour before they hit the stage was priceless....felt like a little kid all over again! Not only that, I went to the Stavanger show and at a pub in the city who did I run into? Nick Simmons! :) He was really nice and I made sure not to bother him and just asked politely to take a pic with him en heere it is..! Met Gene one saturday, and then his son of Family Jewels ame the next...and two amazing KISS concerts! GREAT WEEK! :) This cheered me up greatly since I lost my mom in march. Forever a Kiss for life, Bjørn :)
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