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My first KISS/Deployment Welcome

Posted on 06/10/2013
I still remember a day like today June 11 in 2004. It was my first KISS in Dallas, Texas during the Rock The Nation Tour. As a kid. in La Paz-Bolivia, I always dreamed of seeing KISS Live. I remember saving my school allowance to buy KISS CDs. It took me close to a year to buy my first KISS CD. Later on, when I moved to New York, I was so impressed with the US Military and thankful to the US for allowing me to be part of this country, so I decided to join the US Army in 2001. Couple of years later I deployed to Iraq, and took my KISS CDs with me.I came back to the states a year later, and I celebrated life and freedom going to my first KISS concert in Dallas. Here are some pictures I took that day, and also the Live Concert CD I bought that day. Thank you KISS, and staff for giving us the best. Your friend, Robert
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