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Hello from JAPAN!

Posted on 06/10/2013
Hello, KISS. I am a Japanese KISS ARMY! at my high school, there is no KISS fan so no one enjoy my stories about KISS even my parents doesn't understand! but I will never stop loving you all forever because I was made for lovin' you!! haha! it is so nice to hear that KISS is coming back to tour! I don't know that I can go to the live concert, I tried to persuade them to let me go but they are so strict that they won't pay for me. I am not allowed to work because of my high school's rule. So perhaps there is no way that I could see KISS. I just wanna say that thank you for coming visit Japan again! I'm sure every Japanese KISS ARMY are looking forward to seeing you! maybe I won't be at live concert although I am so glad you guys are coming! If I could see and talk to you, I would not need anything! Ah! I love you KISS!!!!
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