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Posted on 06/09/2013
Hi guys lml I'm a Kiss fan from La Paz - Bolivia and the only think I can say is that you've change my life!!!! Since the first time I've listened your music I couldn't hear anything else but you, you rock every single moment of my life, I really hope you could come to my country, I'm so sure you have such a big fans around here. You know...When I watch all those videos of your shows I always get crazy and wild! its just that I cant endure it no more!! I HAVE TO SEE YOU GUYS! I always asked myself "Steysi... how could you still being alive if you haven't been in a show of the band that you love the most?" and then I say... No matter how I will go to not one , nor two but as many shows I can haha really I will do it! Well...just a few days ago my friends and I took this picture (the one that is attach) we walked around the city just looking like you... and hell yeah we had such a great time...walking, singing songs, playing Kiss on our cellphones, we Rock n' Roll all nite... I do love sharing my love for you with this girls (Adriaana, Adriana & Tatiana), they love you as much as I do. Congrats guys, and keep on rockin!!! m/ yeahhh!!
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