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Kaarlo's first ever rock concert, as reported by YLE Finnish Broadcasting Company

Posted on 06/06/2013
Kaarlo's first ever rock concert KISSONLINE published Kaarlo "Kassu" Salmirinne's Paul Stanley -drawing when Kaarlo was 6. This week Kaarlo, now 9, travelled 600 kms from Kajaani, in North-Eastern Finland, to the capital Helsinki with his Mother Sini Salmirinne, to experience his first ever rock show. It had to be Kiss, of course. During mid-show, when smiling and good-mooded Paul Stanley was playing closest to Kaarlo's seat, he noticed Kaarlo's party, dancing away with Tommy Thayer's Outta This World, and threw a plectrum with his 40 year showmanship experience. It flew over the cleft between the stage and the auditorium and over hundreds of heads, straight into Kaarlo's lap. Never mind all the kid sized Kiss-t-shirts that had been sold out before the show - this was something unique for your first ever rock concert. After the show Kaarlo kept smiling. The next day he said: "The best of it all was the music of Kiss. They played all the songs I wanted to hear. And I do remember the confetti too!" YLE Finnish Broadcasting Company, Finland's leading media, published Kaarlo & my show review on its Music web site , of which the above is a summary. Check out the full review, in Finnish, and a photo of Kaarlo with Paul's plectrum here: Sami Koivisto
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