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KISS Rocked Copenhagen

Posted on 06/13/2013
Hi KOL, Just thought I would drop you a few lines on my amazing night in KBH last Tues. . The Forum was a surprising small venue but this never stopped KISS dealing out their usual thunder and lightening. When the curtain dropped KISS were already on the stage. It became clear why as the "Monster" was suspended above them and there she remained all through the night due to the low ceiling and stage width, which she straddled. Gene ascended as usual during War Machine up through the Monster's "belly" and took his position over us. She did not seem to mind! Paul said later on towards the end of the night "normally the Monster comes down and pee's over some people and eats others, but she is staying up there for tonight." One very memorable event for me was when it came to the solo in Shock Me. The guy's broke out into Outta This World during which Tommy and Eric did a very powerful performance together along with the Space man firing his guitar and Cat Man firing off the bazooka . They totally rocked! For me it was a nod of respect to the past, but a firm demonstration of what is to come in the future,,, which we are all a part of! Another event during the night was a rare but minor boo boo when Paul started to sing Say Yeah but the rest of the guy's were not ready, so he stopped and said "ok, this time with all of the band." The KISS Army just laughed it off and the guy's pounded out the tune flawlessly. Just goes to show that the Gods of Rock are human after all. The range of songs during the night was very well balanced and spanned all of their era's. The Danish KISS Army rocked the house down and could not of been more welcoming to visitors like me and the pair of guy's I met there from Brazil! KISS, in your own words, never stop rocking. Aidan Meehan Dublin Ireland
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