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Brothers Rockin' out on KISS

Posted on 06/18/2013
Hi guys ! Pictured is a photo of me ( Stephan ) and my brother Jos, in the front. We had a great time last saturday when Jos spend the day with me. As we are longtime Kiss-fans, we had to do some guitar playing. Jos has Down Syndrom, but that doesn't keep him away of being a huge music-man and Kiss fan. Pictured on the back ground is a photo from me with Kiss during the Meet and Greet session before the Arrow Rock Festival concert on June 15th 2008 in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. With Jos i was standing first row in The Arnhem concert back in 2010 ! We keep great memories of those events and are proud to be part of The Hottest Family In The World ! Greetz, Stephan & Jos !
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