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Next Generation KISS

Posted on 06/20/2013
True story: I was at work today and belatedly realized a program was coming on and via the iPhone set the DVR to record. My wife, Karen, who was at home tending to our grandson, saw the light come on the cable box at a goofy time and wondered what was recording. It was the live feed from tonight's KISS show in Zurich. Jake saw what was on and said "Let's keep watching. Pop Pop will be jealous!!" and he proceeded to dance around the room. We are getting a mud room added to the house and one of the contractors heard the commotion. He called Karen into the room and advised her that this stuff might not be appropriate for 6-yr olds. "They're all drunks and don't act like that and not be on drugs." he says. Karen and him have a spirited debate about what KISS is about, our friends in the KISS Fan circles, what they do off-stage, etc. Jake walks in the room excitedly and says,"Nana, Gene Simmons just flew into the spider and came out on top of it and threw up blood all over his stomach and guitar!!"..and he's making these gigantic gestures as he tells the story. The contractor rolls his eyes. Jake then yells "God of Thunder!!! Rawk on!!" and flashes the horns..... Yep, we're doing it right.
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