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Swedish superfan followed his dream

Posted on 07/01/2013
A swedish superfan followed his dream. I wanted the Best, I got the Best! This has been a dream come true! I packed my car and started my tour in Stockholm, Sweden. I attended the shows in Stockholm, Copenhagen, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Udine, Milan and Zurich. When I got back to Stockholm I have driven approximately 5 200 km. Every show has been absolutely fantastic! I urge everybody to go and see KISS LIVE! KISS, and the production team behind them, is the hardest working people on planet Earth! They are raising the bar higher each day and they do everything they can to give us, the fans, bang for the buck! Thank you Paul, Gene, Eric and Tommy for an awesome Tour! Hope to see you again very soon! I Salute You!!! Marcus Ericson - Stockholm
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