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Tribute to my heroes

Posted on 07/10/2013
Now I can say that my back belongs to KISS. I feel complete now that I have all the original masks representing Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley and Tommy Thayer and Peter Criss and Eric Singer. However, there was someone missing. And this one deserved a special site, because he is the one who makes me cry, the one that I admire and love so much, that I didn't meet and I will never meet because he is gone, is playing his drums in heaven! I did the fox looking at the four masks, representing that he will belong to KISS forever, his legacy and his memory will be forever with the hottest band in the world. Beside the fox, Chikara, that means STRENGTH, POWER, and which Eric had on his drumset. The strength, the power and the craftiness be with me, with KISS forever in my heart! ERIC CARR, YOU'RE UNFORGETTABLE! PAUL, GENE, PETER, ACE, TOMMY, BRUCE, MARK AND ERIC SINGER: FOREVER MY HEROES! Love you all! Forever on my skin! Ana Daniela, from São Bernardo do Campo/SP - Brazil
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