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Thank you KISS

Posted on 07/13/2013
Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry and Bill Haley started everything in Rock, but I like the Beatles, because I think they opened the doors to all aspects of ROCK and ROLL, were brilliant, the Rolling Stones are Rock n Roll himself, Jimmy Hendrix took the guitars beyond what you could imagine, led Zeppelin emerged which showed that the rock can be heavy with mastery and Black Sabbath invented heavy metal shed, Deep Purple bringing the Hard Rock, but the Sweet was a band that took Rock Radios for the world and along with Slade, Gary Glitter and Suzi Quatro created movement Glam Rock, then came great bands like Raimbow, Aerosmith, Ac / Dc, BTO, Def Leppard, the Runaways, Iron Maiden and many other, but in 1973 came the band that blended Rock and Roll, competence, vision, power and magic ... KISS, and is my favorite band since then, thanks to all the bands that make the world of ROCK and ROLL the soundtrack of our lives
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