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Rockfest - Thank You

Posted on 07/23/2013
After receiving some ‘not so good’ news from the Mayo Hospital – I received the Best Birthday Present Ever – thanks to my daughter I was able to do the Meet & Greet with KISS then go to VIP seats at Rockfest, Cadott Wisconsin….my 1st ever concert after following the band since high school in 1975! I was told to be quick when taking my picture with the Band so I raced in and took my mark. I felt SO Short…at only 4’11” … KISS towered over me. It scared me when all of a sudden I felt Paul’s elbow on my head and Gene’s finger on my face! Following instructions…I left so fast so I would not take up too much time … I wish I could have stayed longer. I didn’t even say Thank You and felt bad afterwards. I went to my VIP seat to watch an awesome outdoor concert. It was better than I imagined and after many songs and banter, it came time for the finale…Rock N Roll All Night. It was a took me back to the first time I heard it….only BETTER! THANKS KISS for being a bright spot in my not-so-good day. I can’t stop thinking about that night and I have saved my picture on my phone so I am reminded of all the fun I had. My bucket list is to hopefully see you guys again…..
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