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Thank You 4 Rockin Sudbury, Ontario

Posted on 07/24/2013
Thank You KISS!! I've been a fan since the 70's, and what a blast to bring my Lil Bear (13 yrs) to the local arena last night to introduce him to his favourite band. He has your albums on his IPod, but in his own words, "to see them live was the best"!!! We're still reeling from the show, and it's gonna be a long time before anyone can come to Northern Ontario and match your skill, showmanship and Music! Paul, we luv ya, Gene, your still the King, and Tommy & Eric you've got a legend to uphold with KISS II. But we're sure it will be legendary and we're gonna rock on with the army for years to come. Let KISS II know that they're MOST Welcome back anytime!! PS: Many Kudo's to Shannon for warming up the audience, but alas Gene, it will be some time before I can explain to my lil man why she's so special. Thank you KISS, you confirmed my "rock n roll" spirit and thanks for keeping the rock n roll spirit alive. Still Rockin on the rocks of Sudbury, Ray & Mika
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