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Gene makes it a special night for two kids in Ottawa

Posted on 07/26/2013
This is a great KISS story! Next time I go to a concert, I'm finding a couple of kids to take with me (with parental permission of course). My friend H.m H.m. Murdoch, AKA Ace to the many who know him, brought his 8 and ten year old to their first concert, KISS at CTC last night. First, someone with the band gave them a complimentary upgrade, from the 300's to 5th row stage left. Next, nice techs gave his two kids two of Gene's stage picks, that he throws out to the crowd. It didn't stop there. They then were given a used Eric Singer drum stick, one of the best little concert souvenirs a fan can only hope to catch. THEN, yes, it doesn't stop, GENE HIMSELF gave the two kids two of his own picks! Gene is well known for taking care of kids at his shows, and he certainly did on this night. Finally, Gene did something for Dad, posing for this picture. Just for Ace. Ace's worries of his kids wanting to leave the concert were quickly dismissed and they have on incredible memory of their first ever concert. They were so happy after the show, and rightly so! By the way, I scooped up some confetti from the floor. My souvenir isn't near as cool! Just one of the many reasons why I love this band!
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