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KISS HELL FANZINE Editor passes away

Posted on 08/03/2013
Joe Degraffenreid passed away on Wednesday July 31st in Noble Oklahoma. Joe D was born on October 16 1970. Joe was a very talented person who was a very talented musician who was very passionate about his music. Joe has played with many other fellow musicians throughout his life. Joe never met anyone he didn't like. He was a fun-loving son, boyfriend, brother, and fellow musician as well as a great friend. Joe D. Spent the last 2 1/2 years playing in a band called 10BURN4. Joes passion and love was practicing and playing with 10BURN4. Joe was the lead guitar for 10BURN4 and was very talented and a awesome guitar player. Joe played his own unique style of guitar by plugging his guitar into his Marshall Amp and he would entertain many many people and they would stop what they were doing to listen to Joe amaze the crowd with his awesomeness. His guitar solos and his special way of adding uniqueness to his playing was nothing but amazing. One of Joes hobbies was collecting KISS memorabilia. He has loved KISS since he was a child. He was known worldwide for his KISS HELL fanzine. Joe was a guitar player in the band called "Faux Kiss". He was "Ace Frehley" and absolutely loved playing KISS songs as "Ace Frehley". Joe was always amazing to watch play his guitar. He knew anything and everything about music. Aside from his music his other love is his girlfriend of 3 years Jessica. Those two loved each other so much and Jessica loved going and watching Joe play his band gigs. Joes fellow band member of 10BURN4, Shawn, was Joes best friend as well as fellow musician and they loved being on stage together bringing Rock & Roll to the OKC area. Everyone that watched these two play and sing together saw how great of a brother-friend relationship they had. Joe was a great, fun-loving, and very talented full of life person and will be sorely missed by many. The music world and all the friends and fellow musicians have lost a Real ICON. Joe will always be on stage with 10BURN4 in our hearts. We Love You Joe D. Funeral Services will be held at John M Ireland Funeral Home in Moore Okla. At 10:00 AM on August 5th.
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