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Aug. 7th is Purple Heart Day

Posted on 08/03/2013
I can't wait to see KISS on their first show back in the United States in Meadowbrook New Hampshire Aug. 7 th. It will be my 18th KISS concert. My first was when I was 12yrs old. It was the Creatures Tour. My Dad brought me to that show. Less than one year later, he died of Non Hodgkins Lymphoma. Which, from all the research I HAVE done. He likely got it from exposure to malathion (agent orange) while serving in the United States Air Force in the Philippines during the Vietnam War. The Veterans Administration denies ALL vets that served during Vietnam if they didn't serve "in the country" of Vietnam. Thousands more families besides my own have suffered because of this. My Mom never received any benefits because of this, and she has had a hard life since. I just wanted to let you know....I have always LOVED KISS. And, THANK YOU for your support for vets. The reason I wrote this letter, was to let you know also, that, August 7th is Purple Heart Day. I thought I'd let you know ahead of time, so you can plan a celebration maybe. Thank You so very much for the Soundtrack and Backdrop to my life. Sincerely, Lloyd Mudie
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