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Best Day Ever!

Posted on 08/04/2013
Who doesn't like road trips? especially when you are accompanied by your family and on your way to see KISS. A year ago on August 07 2012, and definitely was a memorable trip for everyone. A storm hit Albuquerque NM, soaked by rain but excited to see Motley Crue and KISS nothing was going to break our spirit, I mean we drove for hours all the way from El Paso Tx. Motley Crue rocked the stage first with some trouble caused by the rain, we were worried about a possible cancellation, but they totally managed it and was a great show! Then here comes KISS, few words to describe it “GREAT, AMAZING, SPECTACULAR, ROCK n ROLL”. Its indescribable the feeling of looking at your favorite band and sing all the songs that marked your life, we all saw Kiss before, but the feelings are like the first time, sadly we never got the opportunity to listen to “I was made for loving you” we don't understand why they dont play it, its a great song!. But besides that everything was pure perfection and rock n roll. The next day we decide to go to The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino before take the road back home. Looking at the different outfits and musical instruments we found a Kiss photo, we took a picture next to it, when all of the sudden a lady that works there ask us, why are taking a picture to it? and we were all looking at each other like what do you mean, and then she pointed a person that was having lunch in a restaurant that was next to us, we looked and then there was Gene Simmons with Shannon Tweed, we got so crazy and nervous, we couldn't stop shaking and saying about how amazing that was, we sneak into the place, and asked the for pictures and autographs, then we saw Tommy Thayer at the lobby he’s so friendly and kind. All of the sudden the elevator open its doors and there was the legendary Paul Stanley and also we all taking pictures with him and talking about how amazing the show was the day before and about the storm, we were thrilled it was an unbelievable day!! We were so lucky, never thought that one day we were going to shake their hand, hug them, or even have a conversation with the people that you admire the most, WE WANTED THE BEST, WE GOT THE BEST!!
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