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My One In A Million Picture With Paul Stanley

Posted on 08/08/2013
I want to thank KISS for an AWESOME concert in New Hampshire last night !! It was my 18th KISS concert, and it was great ! It will never get old. From the explosive opening of Psycho Circus, to Paul going directly over my head to sing Love Gun on the center stage, and Gene's fire and blood show, to Tommy and Eric's solo jam, and the confetti blizzard of Rock and Roll All Nite !! I wish I could go to a KISS show every day. The best part is a photo that my girlfriend took. She was taking a picture of Paul, and when she did, by complete chance, I was on the giant screen on the back of the stage !! And I'm right next to Paul !!! Sooooooo cool :) Thank You KISS for 40 years of the BEST Rock and Roll, BEST concerts, BEST attitude, and the background and soundtrack to my life. Rock On ! Lloyd Mudie Madison, Maine
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