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Just saying hello and thanks

Posted on 08/10/2013
Hey guys, I've been a dedicated fan since 1976. My first album was Rock and Roll Over. I do a radio show at a community radio station, WMPG. Allot of stations in the area only play, or should I say, overplay. Rock and roll all nite and Beth. No offense, but you have so many other songs that are great. So I go out of my way to play the other stuff. Believe it or not, one of my favorite albums is The Elder. I play tracks off that all the time. My listeners love it (Loud). I've never had the opportunity to meet any one of you guys. But just throwing this out, here's the number to the station, call me sometime, (207) 780-4909. My show is on Saturday nights(Sunday morning) from 1am to 3:30. Thanks for the music....Sincerely, Dj Diamond Dave
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