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Thrill of a lifetime !!

Posted on 08/10/2013
Monday july 29th in Montreal during the acoustic set of the meet & greet, the impossible became reality. My mother always told me; Son if you don't ask you have no chance and if you decide to ask, the worst you can get is no ! I made a special request to the band. I told them i wanted to ear Black Diamond and i would like to play the bass with them. You have to know that Gene is my idol since i'm 12 years old. He is the only reason why i started to play bass guitar. Gene looked right at me and said "Sure ! ".The feeling i had at this moment is indescribables. It was a thrill of a lifetime... Kiss mentionned a million times that the most important thing for them was their fans ! They proved it once again ! I enjoyed every second of this meet & greet. July 29th 2013 will remain in my memory as the best day of my life ! Thank you Gene, Paul, Tommy and Eric for what you did. Guys you are awesome ! I will never forget this privileged moment i had with you... Youtube link: http://youtube/Cma6JzjxfZk Yves Martin...the happiest man on this planet !
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