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Verona meet and greet

Posted on 08/11/2013
Hello KISS & Their Crew This is Tony .V. and my son Eric, co – founders of the KISS Allegiance here in Long Island, New York. We wanted to share our meet & greet experience with you and thank KISS, Rob, Fran and last but not least Dean for making our third meet and greet (my 4th) a great experience: from the songs played, Eric’s joking around with Gene and shaking his head, to Gene doing Pavarotti to the Detroit Rock City solo. When it came to sign merchandise, Paul, Tommy, Eric and Gene, were so easy to talk with and even though Paul was rushed, he did stop and give my son a WOW, for a picture that my son took of Paul at the July 28th, 2011 Verona show which we made into a poster and Paul signed. Thanks again for a great time, looking forward to next years.
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