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New Generation Fan

Posted on 08/13/2013
We were in Portsmouth Va and staying at a Marina that backed up to the area where Kiss was having a Fan meet & greet. Our 10 year old daughter has become a Kiss fan and of course my husband and I have been long time fans, but we did not have meet & greet passes. A very nice gentleman, who I am still not sure who he was, came over to the fence and invited us in to attend the meet & greet. Out daughter was overwhelmed with joy to get this opportunity. As a parent, there is nothing more gratifying than to see your child experience something so amazing! Not just to get the opportunity to meet the band and hear them sing in a private, acoustic setting, but I am still amazed how gracious they were to invite us in to this paid event for free and to allow this opportunity for my daughter. Kiss and their management, which I believe this guy must have been a part of, are a class act! Our daughter was a fan before, but now you have a new generation fan for life. She has emailed everyone she knows to share this experience of how awesome Kiss was to her! THANK YOU! It's nice to know that there are still very generous people out there and you made my child a lifelong memory! Much appreciated! You guys are a CLASS ACT for sure!
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