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Nobody does it better KISS!

Posted on 08/17/2013
Just got back from the KISS Meet and greet show at Mohegan Sun. This is our 5th Meet and Greet and they just keep getting better. First off, Dean Snowden really takes his time and explains everything thoroughly, even the types of pens the band uses to sign the attendees memorabilia. He even tells you how long it takes for the paint pens to dry so you don't ruin the autograph! Then the band plays an acoustic set filled with rarely played live songs. They even take requests from the crowd. My wife yelled out "Do you love me" and guess what - they played it. After the 45 minute acoustic set, you get to meet them. Every member is super cool and spends time with each and every person. I've done other band M&G's and they make you feel like cattle being herded - but not KISS. After the meet and greet, you come back later for a picture with the band in full makeup. Then you go off to the show. We sat front row and I must say, the band never sounded tighter. We thank KISS for these wonderful memories and we thank Dean and team for doing a great job. Cant wait for the next tour and the next Meet and Greet!!!!
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