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KISS of Kindness

Posted on 08/18/2013
Hi! I'm Leah McDonald and I'm 15 years old. Me and my Dad are really big fans of KISS. So much so that for Father's day this year I bought him 2 tickets for the KISS concert at the Mile 1 Centre on August 4th and matching KISS T-shirts. When we got there we were both really excited because we were going to see one of our favorite bands in concert. I have high functioning Autism and loud noises frighten me and really hurt my ears. I wore earplugs to try and protect them. The music was fine but the explosions were too much. I couldn't handle it at all! I got so scared I screamed and started crying. After the first song me and my Dad decided to leave. When we got outside there was a man sitting on the steps. He asked us how the concert was and we told him it wasn't over. It had just started He asked us why we were outside if the show just began and we explained that the explosions were too much for me to handle and we were leaving. He asked if we still had our tickets and we told him we did. He said he reallly wanted to see the show but couldn't afford it so I let him have my ticket. I knew I was no longer able to use it so I thought I'd make his night and let him have it. He was so happy he went up to me, hugged me and cried! I was glad I was able to find a silver lining in my dark cloud and make that mans night. I recently got to be on the radio about this. Here's a link if you would like to listen .'s+Morning+Show/ID/2401390025/.
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