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Posted on 08/18/2013
Hi! Here`s a picture of the advertising banner they put up in Stavanger, Norway this year when kiss played Stavanger Stadium in june. It hang on a restaurant wall in the middle of the city. I`m the drummer for norwegian classic rock band Humbucker, and a die-hard kissfan for over 30 yrs, and we played at a place nearby and I asked the owner if I could get it when they were done with it. Luckily he said yes and here it hangs on the wall of my barn where we rehearse. You can check out a cool Kiss namecheck in our song `The Way I Am` from our album R.O.C.K.S by visiting the video-section on our official website Hope you all like it! :-) This banner for sure makes my farm the `rock and roll-farm` in our neighbourhood! Cheers from Norway!! Best regards Geir Arne Dale
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