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Posted on 08/23/2013
Hello Kiss, I just wanted to write a short letter. Here's a picture of me ( TomtheMarine ) my Dad J.L.Harris and Becky. It really saddens me to hear that the Kiss coffehouse is closing. When i was growing up my Dad did not like me listening to Kiss. in fact he would not even come into my room as i had posters, pics every where.I could not believe when i asked him if he wanted to come to the Kiss coffee house with us to the 1st Anniversary party to meet Ace. He did and he got to meet Ace. Coming from a very strong Christan back ground back in the 70's that was just unheard of. He seen a the side of Kiss i always tried to tell him about. He really got into the music. To Gene , Paul, Ace , Peter , Eric Singer, Tommy, Eric Carr, Bruce. and to Keith Leroux , Dean Snowden. Thank you all so much.
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