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Happy Birthday Mr. Simmons

Posted on 08/25/2013
Dear Mr. Gene Simmons: It is an honor to wish you a Happy Birthday. In addition I would like to thank you for the many years of keeping fantasies and dreams alive. I would like to say that because of KISS, my family is a tighter knit group. The KISS Experience is what united the family and allowed us to gather and bond. It gave a Family ranging from 75 to currently six years old a common bond that we truly enjoy. Additionally Mr. Simmons I have met you on a few occasions, and am also featured on your kiss DVDs. Additionally, the most precious moment I recall was an interaction you had on two occasions with my Daughter Chanelle Marshall at a book signing at Duck Soup in Los Angeles when she was a tiny little girl. At one signing she asked you if KISS would play again.,You picked her up and while her little hands touched both your cheeks you said "Yes". She asked you if you promised and you responded "Yes" again. That moment in itself was great. Shortly after the band reunited. At another book signing, again at Duck Soup, my daughter unbeknownst to me looked up at you And said "Mr. Simmons, I would like to thank you for keeping your promise" You looked down at her from the podium then proceeded to pick her up and talk to her while she sat on your knee. You asked her "Thank me for what?" and she said "For keeping your promise that you would play it again" Your face lit up and I could truly see the sincere niceness in you. You gave a great big smile and really had a beautiful bonding moment with my daughter. At that time I saw what a genuinely nice person you are, which can also be seen in the manner in which you interact with your children on Family Jewels. There have been several other family stories I can relate to because of KISS, but there is not enough space to do that at this moment. I really hope that this letter makes it to you. Once again Mr. Simmons, Happy Birthday. From a true fan. Humbly signed, Joseph Marshall
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