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Posted on 08/24/2013
Hi there, This is what I wrote on the KISS facebook page, just a bit of angry to get of my chest..... "First of all, I don't want to add to the controversy of Ace and Peter being better than Tommy and Eric. As a longtime KISS fan from Europe, for 34 years now, I applaud the current line-up. I was not overly spoiled with KISS appearances in my country, or even on my continent for years, I still remained a fan, a big fan! Growing up with Paul, Ace, Gene and Peter, those guys were my entire universe at some point. As the years went by, members came and went, I grew font of any person who either wore the make up, or was in the band. After Peter left we had Eric Carr. A lovely person and awesome drummer who stole everyones heart and is sadly missed by all. We had the mighty Bruce Kulick, who personally gave a whole new sound to the KISS music. Personally he is my favourite. But Bruce being my favourite will not mean I dislike any other members. I liked stuff that Vinnie did, the short time Mark was part of KISS, I enjoyed very much. As for the current line-up..... Eric Singer is a gentleman and the best that could happen to KISS. An awesome drummer and a great person! As for Tommy....... well what could a band ever wish for. A great guitarist, who happens to be a fan, who happens to work for the band's company and who is willing to fill in on the lead guitar spot! Now does this line-up suck? NO! IN NO WAY! Other than Eric Carr, this is, musically, the best line-up KISS ever had. Eric and Eric for me are equal. I mean KISS is progressing, I can't wait what is in store for us true fans. Sure, KISS has been accused to be over-commercial, but who cares? I own a fair share of KISS memorabilia, caught and bought, and I'm quite happy about it. Will I own a KISS kasket? I think not, but as a 44 year old nowadays, I own more KISS toys than both my sons own Lego's..... After reading thousands of comments on the internet through the years, I had to get this off my chest. What KISS was in 1979 for me, is still the same in 2013. I saw KISS live for the first time in 1984, that gave me goosebumps, then in 1996 I saw the Reunion tour twice, again goosebumps, my last show was in 2010, again goosebumps when I heared "You wanted the best......". Any show I've been too were goosebumps. All I ask is...... please remain giving this old fan goosebumps, and an appeal to all true fans...... Please be a fan or carry on with you lives. (Please excuse any faults in my english, as it isn't my native language) Elzo"
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