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Posted on 08/31/2013
Hi guys................ As always YOU ROCK!!!! Can't wait to see you guys on the Kiss Kruise #3..... I hope you will tour around Pa after the Kruise so we can see your new spider stage!!!!! We all have been waiting.... We are all having Kiss withdraw here.... We have not seen you since the Kruise... We miss You!!!! as always we Love You Linda Shultz Pa of Northumberland My son misses you tooo!!! I have raised him on your music. And He loves you guys too... He & I had such a blast on the Kruise last year he & I r coming again..... With his friend too. We met you on the ramp last year before we loaded. Don't know where Gene was @ that time but, that was priceless.... As always KEEP ROCKIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! We Love You!!!! YOU KEPT ME GOING IN VERY HARD TIMES!!!!! Through UR Music... You Always spoke to me.....
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