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Posted on 09/02/2013
80'Dear Kiss, I just wanted t say thank you for keeping me out of trouble all these years I knew that if I had kiss then nothing could go wrong. I started listening to you guys for the first time in 1985 with the lick it up album.when Eric Carr passed I was crushed. But I was told by my parents that kiss would find a replacement and I told them that no one could replace the fox. After Eric singer came in we all knew he had some big shoes to fill and he has done a hang good job and I've always named to meet you guys just never had the chance. My friends always told me to keep dreaming so I did one better my and my true friends did one better we had a tribute band from 1998-2002 we were called kisstory the reason behind that is one night we would do a 80's style show and then the next night we would do a 70's style show. But anyway thanks again for everything. Your fan Jared Shadix
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