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Rock Wedding

Posted on 09/03/2013
In 2010 I met and fell in love with the most amazing woman. We both have a love for music and KISS has rocked for us since we met. I proposed to her in 2011 and for a birthday gift she bought me tickets to see my favorite rockers in Spokane, Washington. Situation being what it was I was unable to attend. We had planned to be married in July of 2013 and attend the concert in Calgary. Devastation hit the Calgary area in mid June flooding most of southern Alberta, including where I live, High River, Alberta. Was a bit disheartening not being able to see KISS with my future bride but mother nature is no-one to mess with. After hearing that KISS rescheduled the concert for Calgary to November 8th, we changed our plans. We will finally be able to do the two things that we have been longing to do for 3 plus years, get married AND see the greatest rock and roll band on earth KISS, together. We are hoping and planning to get married at the concert but if not that is just the way it is. A couple of things are certain, we will be married on Nov. 8th and we will be spending part of our wedding night with KISS and oh yeah we are gonna ROCK AND ROLL ALL NITE. Can't wait for November mm/
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