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Meet & Greet Memories

Posted on 09/07/2013
This is actually a thank you note. Meeting Eric, Paul, Gene and Tommy in Atlanta during "The Tour" was an incredible experience, and one of the most special night in my life. From the pre-show, private unplugged performance, to meeting the 4 members of biggest band in the world, to being in the front row. No other band does stuff like this! Thank you KISS! Did I mention that Vince Neil high-fived me as Motley Crue was going onstage?!? Here are some momentos I had framed from that awesome night. Note the pick, which I caught from Tommy Thayer during the show - and of course, some confetti from Rock & Roll All Night! I had the guys sign my credential pass, and Eric signed a stick for me. Thank you KISS! I wanted best - and I got the best!
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