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Son's Death

Posted on 09/12/2013
I wanted to thank you. You and Aerosmith concert was my baby son's first concert to go to, Greensboro, NC. I had gotten home and fixed all of our faces for the concert. When we got there, total shock to us, but we won the front row tickets. My son, Johnathan was so excited. Tommy Thayer (bless you) bent down and gave Johnathan one of his guitar picks. John was so excited. He kept that pick for years. He loved KISS because Y'all have been MY group "forever". Well, We wanted to be able to go to another KISS concert if you ever came back. My son was a passenger in a vehicle on Novemeber 28, 2012 when the driver lost control and hit a truck head on. The impact was on my son's side. He was killed instantly. I am having a very difficult time with this. Different Halloweens, he would have me paint his face as different Kiss characters. He took over all of my KISS memorabilia and got other kids his age to like KISS. He knew how badly I had always wanted to meet You all and said, "one day Mom, I will be able to get us Back stage passes so we can meet them." He had a big heart. Since his death I have been very depressed, had to go to mental hospital and all that good stuff. still going to counceling, but I will Never forget how Tommy Thayer made his night. Even though Johnathan was wearing Paul Stanley make up. His name is Johnathan Hibdon. Thanks for listening. I have had to listen to y'alls music a lot to get me thru this and all the memories we had that one really special night. Oh, Gene, I am so proud of you for finally marrying Shannon. Thank you all so much.
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