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My wife saved you....

Posted on 09/11/2013
Andrew Flihan Hi guys my name is Andrew, I'm 45 and been a fan since 13 yrs old. I have collected alot of your stuff through out the years. Recently my house incurred quite a bit of damage from Hurricane Sandy. Leading up to the storm I was out working as a volunteer fireman preparring our town for evacuation procedures. My wife was at home preparring for the worst of the hurricane. Not only did she save family memories but she saved you, my KISS Collection! Not one drip of water, even the 4 foot x 4 foot painting of your first album with signatures from Gene, Peter, and Ace that my wife actually let me hang in the Family room was not harmed and survived Hurricane Sandy. There were so many things that my wife could of saved but she choose to take the time ( that we did not have much of ) to save my KISS Collection cause she knew I would be devastated if I lost it. Now as we rebuild our home, my wife teased me that now, "you better get Pauls signature, now that I went crazy saving it all!" So grateful to my wife for doing that and that would be a great Thank You to her and then she could stop listening to me worring about getting it signed by Paul. I know you were in NJ this week, wish I could of come see you guys but been busy trying to get people back into their houses with my contracting business and also wish you could of come south a little bit . Oh yea I bought the book, it's KISStastic. Also now I have a full room devoted to you guys.
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