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Nothin' To Lose

Posted on 09/10/2013
I just picked up the my copy of ''Nothin' To Lose'' from Barnes & Noble, Madison, WI... The book was released today and I had to have it being the huge KISS fan that I am!!! So alittle about myself... I'm 38yrs old and my name is Aaron Hoskins. I live in Baraboo, WI. about an hour north of Madison, WI. Collecting KISS merchandise began when I was a little kid and one of the days I would love to meet Paul Stanley, who has always got me through hard times in my life. All day and everyday I enjoy listening and playing ☠ Heavy Metal and Rock n' Roll ☠ this is something that started when I was young. I would be applying Paul Stanley of KISS make-up before school, after school, and pretty much anytime I had the chance. Going to concerts is a passion of mine also. Just standing around headbanging is one thing, but I do ♥ to get in the Mosh Pit from time to time. So if you ever get the chance and you see me in a pit come give me a shove or a elbow to the face. It's all good man...Goodtime, yes goodtimes indeed! I'm bleed Kiss Make-up and always will!!!!! ____I'm a HUGE_______________________$$$$$$$$$ ___________________________________$$$___$$$ ___________________________$$$____$$$$ _________________________$$$$$$$__$$$$$$$$$$$ _______________________$$$$$$$$$___$$$$$$$$$$$ _______________________$$$___$______$$$$$$$$$$ ________________$$$$__$$$$_________________$$$ _____________$__$$$$__$$$$$$$$$$$_____$____$$$ __________$$$___$$$$___$$$$$$$$$$$__$$$$__$$$$ _________$$$$___$$$$$___$$$$$$$$$$__$$$$$$$$$ ____$____$$$_____$$$$__________$$$___$$$$$$$ __$$$$__$$$$_____$$$$_____$____$$$_____$ __$$$$__$$$_______$$$$__$$$$$$$$$$ ___$$$$$$$$$______$$$$__$$$$$$$$$ ___$$$$$$$$$$_____$$$$___$$$$$$ ___$$$$$$$$$$$_____$$$ ____$$$$$$$$$$$____$$$$ ____$$$$$__$$$$$___$$$ ____$$$$$___$$$$$ ____$$$$$____$$$ _____$$$$ _____$$$$ _____$$$$__________________Fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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