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The New Generation Of KISS Fans!

Posted on 09/14/2013
I have been on Kissonline before. I teach English using KISS as the positive influence in my students' lives. My students have been through a lot of tough times in school...but they finally see how it all comes together when there is a positive influence in their lives. For me, it has been KISS since 1975...Now, my students have developed the same love for KISS and the message of positivity I use when I teach has the students eager and excited about their future. It is all because of KISS....Diana Sosa (the student holding the fantastic new book, NOTHIN' TO LOSE) is a major KISS fan now. She has read the book from cover to cover. She is waiting to attend her first KISS concert. I, on the other hand, have been to over 170 KISS shows in my life. We all have a message for Gene, Paul, Tommy, and Eric..."We love you and the consistent message of positivity...We can't wait to Rock and Roll All Nite with you when you come back to NYC...Thank you for changing my life, the lives of my students, and the lives of everyone living in the world of KISS." A truly devoted KISS fan and teacher...Anthony M.
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