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Article on KISS Trading Cards

Posted on 10/04/2013
Greetings-- I am a long time KISS Army member ("joined up" in 1978). One of the first pieces of merchandising that caught my fancy as a then child was the 1978 Donruss KISS cards. It was natural that I would gravitate towards the cards as I collected sports cards at the time and obviously was enamored with KISS. It was a perfect match for me. Fast forward thirty five years and I am still a KISS fan and card collector. On the card collecting front, much has changed in that collectors are very sensitive to card condition; something that was not paramount back in 1978. Professional Sports Authenticator ("PSA") is the preeminent third party grading company that helps today's collector assure he or she is receiving neutral and unbiased grading of his or her trading cards. PSA fills a natural void that was created by collectors now becoming sensitive to trading card condition. PSA publishes a widely circulated periodical, "Sports Market Report." In the November 2013 issue, I authored an extensive article on the 1978 Donruss KISS card set. The article can be read here: I thought many in the KISS Army would enjoy reading this article about a fabulous set of trading cards that still hold a soft spot in my heart! Matthew Farmer
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