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Posted on 10/17/2013
Thank you kiss for being kiss! i am a 14 y o boy from sweden and i have listened to you since i was... three i think however, just wanna say thank you for being the hardest band in the world! i am loud and proud, ok not loud but i love it loud! My dad is going for the KISS KRUISE in a couple of days and i SOOO wanna go to but my family cant afford it, sry, i hope i can be there next year Your music has been there for me when i was sad and alone but if you belive in rock, EVERITHING is possible so i will probably see you on the next KRUISE The image i sent is me and my brother having a KISS concert with all in blood, confetti, light and sound i am playing Gene and my brother Paul so again, thank you KISS thank you...
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