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Madison Square Garden - Renovation Project

Posted on 10/30/2013
I wanted to copy you on the following email I sent to Madison Square Garden. I think it's a travesty that KISS was not included as part of the visual retrospective. Hopefully this email will have some impact. Dear Sir or Madam: I took my daughter and her friends to the Ed Sheeran concert at MSG last night and took the opportunity while my daughter was enjoying the concert to tour the new Garden and many of the new "bells and whistles" following your major renovation. Of particular interest was the Garden 366 photo retrospective that circles the entire concourse and features one moment in MSG history for every day of the year, including leap year. I have probably been to more concerts than sporting events at MSG and enjoyed the photos of memorable concerts by The Rolling Stones, Queen, Van Halen, Bad Company, Paul McCartney, U2, etc. I walked around the concourse twice because I thought for sure I had missed something but alas, no photos of probably the biggest band to come out of NY - KISS! It was a huge triumph for the band to play MSG for the first time in February of 1977, having worked against critical disdain but surviving solely through constant touring, a spectacular live show, and a grass roots, determined fan following who propelled them to fourteen spectacular shows at the Garden since that first show in 1977. The MSG dates were: 2/18/77 12/14 & 12/16/77 7/24 -7/25/79 12/16/85 11/9/90 (Last show with drummer Eric Carr before his passing in 1991) 7/25, 26, 27 & 28/96 11/23/98 11/16/03 10/10/09 Although I don't know if anything can be done now that the display has already been completed, I do know that many bands/artists featured in the retrospective are not as deserving as KISS of being featured at their "home" arena. Perhaps if nothing can be done with respect to this 366 display, a separate display can be put together on some available wall space that pays tribute to NY's "Hottest Band in the Land". I have many (if not all) of my ticket stubs for the Garden performances, and I am sure the band would be happy to donate some memorabilia from these shows. Hopefully you can put together a shadowbox (like the ones you have for Wrestlemania, the Ali-Frazier fight, the John Starks dunk, etc.) in tribute to the band. I know there are many, many fans who would be very enthused to see a KISS display at the new Garden. Thanks very much for the opportunity to present my thoughts. My contact address is below if you need to reach me to discuss this further. Regards, Howard Gordon -- Howard J. Gordon Vice President & General Counsel Goodrich Management Corp. 560 Sylvan Avenue - Suite 2100 Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey 07632 201-541-2340 (T) 201-816-0274 (F)
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