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France Had been KISSed again

Posted on 11/01/2013
Hey guys ! I just found this funny publicity when outside, it made me laugh and just made me remember that they have a Starchild as a Leader for their Army ( Just like the KISS Army including the demon, catman and Spaceman :) ) I Just wanted you to know that you are great, I'm a big fan of you and you are Wonderful ! I love all of your records, comics etc .. and I love you guys, You are one of my biggest inspiration ever, I really hope that you guys will be perfoming in France, I really wanna see you here because I've never been in a KISS concert in my life, Thank you so much to exist, you've changed my life Forever, God bless you all. By one of your biggest fan, Mathu ( PS : I'm so sorry if I got a bad level in english, I'm just 16 years old )
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