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Posted on 11/04/2013
In the words of a title from ANIMALIZE....I'VE HAD ENOUGH! Every day,on social media sites all over the net,I'm seeing the same thing.And its starting to really get under my skin....The big argument about NOW vs.THEN. Last I heard,we were supposed to be an ARMY,and now it seems that we have become fractions. I know that a lot of us Grew up loving the original line up,I know I DID.But I never lost my love for KISS when people came and went,I rolled with the changes and still listened to my favorite band.Ive never missed an album from the time I could get it,one way or,purchase or hand me downs,it made no difference...I NEEDED MY KISS! When the make up went,I got EXCITED,not depressed.Ive never talked down about KISS,even when a particular song or album cover may not have been to my liking.I accepted it as the next chapter and again,ROLLED WITH THE CHANGES. It broke my heart when Eric Carr died,but I still accepted Eric Singer whole heartedly,because this was KISS,and KISS does not stop. MTV KISS UNPLUGGED was recorded on my 21st birthday,I heard the rumors of Ace and Peter being there and FLIPPED....but I had NO inclinations that this was going to be another change,just a special show for us....the FANS. Again,KISS shocked the world and reformed with the original line up,and I again rolled with em.I saw 2 shows on that tour,and was amazed,as was the world. The next album and tour is where the division again began,and the FAREWELL TOUR saw the end of this line up AGAIN. Yet,KISS soldiered on,and I follwed as I always have. When Eric Singer played FAREWELL dates in the catman make up,again,I saw no issues.He is part of the family,and he FITS. KISS SYMPHONY saw the return of Peter,and the addition of TOMMY THAYER....OUTSTANDING show,and I was happy to see KISS move forward with a new spaceman...again,the man is part of the family,and he FITS. Some smaller runs were made,and these shows were STELLAR. KISS ROCKS THE NATION is one of the BEST live sets and setlist in many years....yet people began to break rank and cry foul.This is where my problem lies....The KISS company OWNS this make up,and these characters. They are doing RIGHT by the legacy,and a whole new generation of KISS KIDS get to see MY HEROES LIVE!!! Imagine how many kids out there are picking up guitars,drum sticks and smattering thier faces with grease paint AGAIN and will make up a whole new era of rock and roll....ITS FANTASTIC! Our belief in the IDEA OF KISS is what got them and US this far...40 YEARS!!! Its time for all of us in the KISS ARMY to stop the in-fighting,and remember why we love our larger than life super hero rock stars in the first place...THEY WERE,ARE AND ALWAYS WILL BE THE HOTTEST BAND IN THE WORLD,KIIIIISSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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