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KISS-Memories: 06th of November 1983

Posted on 11/06/2013
Hello Paul, Gene, Eric Singer & Tommy ! In my opinion every KISS-Line-Up have something good.....Being a fan since December 1979 shows me this till today ! So: In 1980 my Mother said NO to go on the UNMASKED-Tour, what makes me sad till today.....but her partner said to me:"If they come again, I help you to go there !" Said & done: 06. November 1983 we, and a worker from his firm, and I was on the way to Nürnberg to see the best band in the Universe !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My first KISS Concert and I was I am 45.....! I was also thinking about to don't watch HELIX, that I can really say: KISS was my first Band...but I have saw the fans before the stage, and I said to myself I need a good Headliner are the for me in my mind: KISS I saw first...Helix have done a great Job ! But Paul, Gene, Eric Carr & even Vinnie blows me away ! I wanted the best, and I get what I wanted ! In the 27 KISS Concerts after that (1984 one, 1988 one, 1996 five, 1997 six, 1999 nine in 14 days....and 2000 my Higlight: 6.6.2000 in Richmond Coliseum, 2008 three & 2010 one) I get the same. The only German show in Berlin 2013 I haven´t it's the first German Tour since 1983 I have missed ! Hope for 2014 to buy 2 tickets to make my 30 shows compleat ! KISS since 30.01.1973 are the Masters...all other Music-Acts can be good, but can not beat you ! I know: I write always the same in that music-point......but it's only the truth for me ! Thanx for beeing there so long Paul & Gene..and almost for whole 10 years now Eric Singer & Tommy......You 2 makes a good Job and I am still happy that you are stay with Paul & Gene...I hope you guys makes the ALIVE45-Worldtour together, and if you stay health I still hope for KISS 50...but for 45 I see a real chance.......and you guys should think about solo-albums like you have done it have over 40 new KISS-Songs on one day.......would be really cool ! If you do that or not, I will stay a fan till I die ! I love you guys and I will send a second letter with a better look on the the Lick it Up-Ticket. KISS 4EVER & EVER ! Can't wait for the next studio-album(s) ! Because MONSTER is a KILLER and makes hunger for more new KISS-Music !!!!!!!!!!!
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