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KISS Kruise III video diary

Posted on 11/12/2013
Hi, KISS and KISS Online! This year, I went on my first KISS Kruise along with my 3rd time kruisin' girlfriend, Ingrid. The trip went over my wildest expectations, and the setlists blew me away! The fact that I got to hear one of my all time favorite KISS tracks, Let Me Know, and other rarities such as The Oath, Love Her All I Can and Ladies In Waiting was nothing short of unbelievable. Thank you NCL, Sixthman and KISS for putting on this wild adventure for KISS fans all over the world! I made a mini-series consisting of three episodes of my trip from Norway to Miami, and sailing with KISS on the KISS Kruise III. I thought some video would be more fun than a few shaky and out of focus pictures. Check them out! Episode 1: Episode 2: Episode 3:
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