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A lifetime with KISS

Posted on 11/11/2013
My life started when I was 10 and I bought my first record, Kiss Double Platinum, in 1995. It was not common for boy of my age to become a Kiss fan at this time. The sounds of the moment where Grunge and Californian Punk, and maybe some local pop/rock bands. Kiss was old fashioned or even unknown. It usually was something like “What? You’re fan of a band called Beso?” (Beso is Kiss in Spanish). But nothing stopped me from loving Kiss! At that time I considered myself the biggest Kiss fan on earth. Well, I guess I still think the same ;) South America is the land where cool things never happen. All my dreams where reflected in TV programs, movies, magazines, albums, music videos, etc. I saw Kiss like something unreachable, very far away from my possibilities. Go to a Kiss show? Maybe, if you’re lucky Meet Kiss? Mmmm, no boy… only in your dreams. Today I’m 29, I’ve seen Kiss twice in Argentina, and been in KKII and KKIII. Kiss has always been the soundtrack of my life, and is the common denominator of my best experiences and memories since I’m 10. Thank you so much for everything! See you on KKIV
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