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Come to my country

Posted on 11/15/2013
KISS You gotta know this I live in El Salvador, Central America and I know that you guis never visited central america yet, so I desired to wrote this to you guys, I'm 13 years and since I'm 6 I've been wondering to go to a KISS concert, In central america, especially in El Salvador there are thousands of KISSfanatics but a lot of this people have never went to a KISSconcert, So I'm just askin' you if you guys can make a little tour in Central America goin' to the 7 central american countries, please do all that you can I really love you guys, I mean I really don't know how will my life be without goin' to any KISS concert, I hope the hottest band understand and do anythin' for it fans, Please do what you can, from your #1 fan in central america... Alvaro Rodrigo Cruz
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