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R&R Hall of Fame vote

Posted on 12/02/2013
ATTENTION KISS ARMY WORLWIDE! The deadline for the R & R Hall of Fame vote is fast approaching - voting ends 12/10/13. Many folks have strong opinions on the possibility of induction vs. not - we have all heard the sentiments on both sides. I request that - AS A WORLDWIDE SHOW OF SOLIDARITY - we declare Sunday 12/9/13 KISS DAY. Everyone, please regardless of your feelings and emotions about the merits of the arguments, let us show that we ARE an ARMY OF ONE - ONE BAND, ONE WORLD, ONE VOTE! On 12/9/13 VOTE FOR KISS at Although you may vote for up to 5 of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nominees on the Online Fan Poll, please vote ONLY for one - KISS. Let us send the very loud and clear message that we speak with one voice! Regardless of whether or not the outcome is to our liking this time, we CAN show what a determined & dedicated bunch of fans from all over the world can do! THANK YOU KISS ARMY! THANK YOU KISS!!!
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