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Since one month I have NOTHIN' TO LOSE

Posted on 12/05/2013
Hello Tommy, Eric Singer, Gene & Paul, on November the 5th a friend of mine, called Marcus, who appointed sometimes on Amazon, was here, and he have NOTHIN' TO LOSE in his hands for me. Not as gift, it was a appointed in my request. Marcus is a friend I know since September 1998...on my first day in a firm he showed me the German Edition of the Psycho Circus-Album. He was wearing a JUDAS PRIEST-T-Shirt and while we talk I said:" I am a HardRock-Fan too, my fave Band are the Guys which wear since two years make-up again.......He is nit the biggest KISS-Fan I know, but he saw you 1996 Live on the Reunion-Tour and his fave album is CREATURES OF THE NIGHT...and he likes: Destroyer, Dynasty, some Songs from THE ELDER, Revenge, Psycho Circus, Sonic Boooooom & Monster ! I have to say about the book (i haven't read till yet, but I have overfly it.....and all seems that maybe this is the best KISS-Book till yet......great idea and I hope EVERY KISS FAN ON THE PLANET will have it one day ! Greetings from Germany from Marcus & me, Your Fan till I die ! P.S.: What the Pizza belongs we have eat on the 5th of November, I will say NOTHIN' ;-)
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