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KISS Slot Machine App

Posted on 12/18/2013
For any KISS fans who haven't been able to play the WMS KISS slot machine in a casino, there is now a way to play a version of it at home! I just found this cool new KISS Slot Machine simulation as an add-on to the Jackpot Party Casino app by Phantom EFX, found on iTunes. The app features official home versions of various WMS slot machines, that look, play and sound like the real thing! The KISS slot in particular doesn't play *exactly* like the WMS machine you would find in a casino, since it doesn't have all of the cool bonus features and audio - but it does contain a lot of the same KISS music clips, sound effects, and graphics that the original slot machine has. So it's more like a basic version of the real KISS slot, but still a ton of fun to play! I know that the KISS slot machine will only be casinos for a limited time, so I'm glad to now have a version to play on my iPad whenever I want. Oh - and it's also much more fun to play with virtual money instead!! : ) Phantom EFX and WMS did a great job simulating the real KISS machine and I think fans will really like it. (And they aren't even paying me to say that!) I Love It Loud, All The Way, Forever (<--see what I did there? : ) Gary Guzman Chicago, IL
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